How the Polyaspartic Process
Really Makes a Difference...


Picture your garage with the latest advancement
in decorative concrete coating systems...

Residential and commercial... References available upon request
See our unique multi-step coating systems to choose from

1.  NuCoat 70 Flooring System... 4 layer system
2.  EnduraCoat 80 Flooring System... 5 layer system
3.  EnduraCoatPlus 90 Flooring System... 6 layer system


Decorative polyaspartic floor system!

  • Better than epoxy, 4 x stronger
  • Slip resistant
  • No "hot tire pickup"
  • Will not yellow or fade
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty

What makes polyaspartic special?

Polyurea polyaspartic is a highly durable, high performance, coating system.
Polyaspartic revolutionized concrete coating industries.

Why polyaspartics are special
You need to know the benefits of our coating system

  • Polyaspartics - cures fast
  • Polyaspartics - soaks into concrete
  • Polyaspartics - are easy to clean
  • Polyaspartics - are scratch-proof and chemical resistant
  • Polyaspartics - will not turn yellow like epoxy
  • Most installations take one day, resulting in less down time for our customers

Less time to apply

  • Polyaspartic coatings can be applied quickly compared to epoxies
  • Customers can use the floor the next day

Preparation to surface

  • We grind the floor with planetary diamond grinders using high end HTC equipment
  • We open up the surface pores between 80 and 100 grit 
  • Polyaspartic is applied with a roller and soaks into the floor, which absorbs it like a sponge


  • As Polyaspartic cures, it becomes integrated with the floor
  • Your concrete floor becomes almost permanent
  • Top coats can be applied after several years of use
  • We incorporate decorative chip and colors to give a custom look like terrazzo or granite
  • Our coatings systems are perfect for high traffic areas, garage floors, commercial use, warehouses, commercial kitchens, hospitals, service areas, storefront flooring
  • Enjoy a neat, clean, easy to maintain garage floor with high shine and slip-resistant texture



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