Garage Cabinets

Storage solutions designed for the garage environment

Garagegear wall garage cabinets were designed and built specifically for the garage environment. These garage cabinets offer features and benefits competitors can’t touch…superior powder-coated finish, more cabinet choices, more color choices, off-the-floor design, industry-leading warranties and more! With more than 400 cabinet choices and eleven colors to select from, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your garage, your needs and your tastes. And all garagegear cabinets are proudly manufactured at our facilities in the U.S.


Powder Coated Finish, Designed for the Garage

All exterior surfaces of garagegear garage storage cabinets are powder-coated, creating a finish that is as durable as it is attractive. Add off-the-floor design, heavy duty hardware, and quality materials, and you have garage cabinets that will give you a lifetime of reliable service.


Eleven Great Colors to Complement any Garage

Redline garagegear has more powder-coated color choices than the competition. You can be sure to find something you like that will look great in your garage for many years to come.


More Garage Cabinet Choices than the Competition!

Garagegear offers more storage cabinet styles and sizes than any other garage cabinet manufacturer. With the various styles, widths, depths and individual cabinet configurations available, more than 400 cabinet choices are available. You can be sure to find a perfect fit for your space and storage need.


Garage Cabinet Features and Benefits

You can buy garage cabinets and storage elsewhere, but none offer all the features and benefits found in garagegear. What makes garagegear better than the rest? Superior quality, superior design, superior manufacturing…offering you features and benefits the others can’t match!


Speciality Cabinets to Create your “Ideal” Garage

What’s your idea of an “ideal” garage? A workshop were everything has a place? A gardening center with out-of-sight storage for your gardening tools? A shop to work on your automobile? Whatever you want in your garage, garagegear has the storage cabinets for you.

Countertops Designed for the Garage

When it comes to actually getting work done in your garage you need a work surface. RedLine offers two choices of work surfaces to fit your needs…Maple Butcher Block or Impact Coating™. With either one, you’ll have countertops that are as durable as our garage cabinets, and will last as long.

More Information
A garage can be a dirty and dusty, hot and muggy, or cold and frigid structure. Do any of these terms describe the current state or condition of your garage? Are your stored items protected from the various destructive elements that may be found in a typical garage? Do you have storage cabinets that are able to withstand any or all of the extreme conditions that can be found there?

Every garage and storage product manufactured by RedLine Garagegear is coated with our superior powder finish so your storage system is protected from even the harshest elements in the garage. We offer more cabinet and color choices than any other manufacturer in the industry so you can customize and personalize your garage to compliment your tastes and space exactly. Our off-the-floor design keeps your garage wall cabinets and your stored items off the floor so they are safe from spills and flooding. We have created an industry leading lifetime warranty to protect your garage cabinets so you can rest assured your new garage storage system will give you a lifetime of use. And that’s just the beginning!

We have created more than 400 cabinet choices and eleven colors to select from, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your garage, your needs, and your tastes. We do every aspect of the manufacturing process in house so that we have complete control over quality, timing, and other intricate details in order to produce the best garage cabinetry on the market. We do not outsource a single part of our manufacturing process. Every piece of our garagegear cabinets are proudly manufactured right here in the U.S. No other manufacturer can beat the attention to detail and quality that RedLine Garagegear offers its customers.

Powder coating has been used for years primarily to finish metal products. Over the course of the past decade, however, RedLine Garagegear has worked tirelessly to refine and perfect our method of powder coating wood. It is not an easy task by any means and most manufacturers outsource this work. The end result, however, is a smooth, seamless, custom color finish which will protect your new home storage cabinets for the long term. We pay close attention to all the details of our manufacturing process from building the various components of the wood storage cabinets to applying the powder coat.

The powder protects the wood from damage that can be caused by water, chemical spills, scratches, rough handling, high humidity, and other weather related extremes that are typical to the garage. Powder coating wood leaves the end product with a seamless finish that won’t peel or fade over time like a laminate storage system would.

The color options we offer make it easy for you to customize and personalize your garage or work shop. Even the handles can be color coordinated. While the colors are great for customizing your garage cupboards to fit your décor, there is so much more to the colors than what meets the eye. These powder coated color options provide a finish that is both attractive and protective. Your new storage solution is built to look great and last a lifetime.

Does your garage have odd dimensions? Does your garage have obstructions that take up space or have prevented the installation of any other garage wall cabinet? Do you need modular storage cabinets for housing bulky items like lawn mowers, snow blowers, or bicycles? How about a rolling or stationarywork bench for working on projects and hobbies? RedLine Garagegear offers more styles and sizes than any other home garage storage manufacturer. We can help you create a custom solution to fit any garage. Store everything from a wrench to a wheel barrow with our custom made wood garage cabinets.
There are plenty of options out there promising to help you organize your garage. Remember, however, that not all garage cabinets are created equal. Many of our competitors are simply taking shelving that is meant for closets or in home organization and installing them into the garage. None of the other options offer all the features and benefits that happen to be standard in the products offered by RedLine Garagegear.

We have helped thousands of homeowners across the country transform their garage from a drab, cluttered, unorganized structure to their idea of an ideal garage. Many homeowners come to us with some perception of what they want to do with their garage and what needs to be stored. Most people are just unsure what options are available to them. Just remember that whatever you could possibly want to store in your garage, RedLine Garagegear has the exact storage cabinets for you.


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